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TPMS Sensor Programming

Your TPMS System is Necessary

There's no doubt the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is important. The purpose of the TPMS is simple, yet potentially life-saving. It detects low air pressure levels in tires. This is why the TPMS is mandated on vehicles sold in the United States.

This is also why it's important to make sure your TPMS sensors work correctly.

TPMS Programming

. . .But does it really work? (aftermarket edition)

If you purchase aftermarket sensors, they may need to be programmed before they'll work with your vehicle. Once programmed, a technician can install them and perform the relearn service.

The relearn process is not to be confused with programming. Relearning is a mandatory step that ensures your Tire Pressure Monitoring System is fully integrated and working as it should.

Programming is required for certain aftermarket sensors, often sold as programmable, universal, or cloneable. These sensors come blank and must be set up for your vehicle before installation and relearning can take place.

Speedy Brother's Tire & Auto provides full TPMS service, including programming. We ensure your aftermarket sensors are programmed and relearned.

If Your TPMS Sensors Require Programming, You Need Your Service Performed Right the First Time

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a valuable part of your car. You need service technicians who understand the programming process not only for the quickest turnaround time but also for your safety. A working Tire Pressure Monitoring System is essential for:

  • Road Safety: When the TPMS detects an underinflated tire, it alerts you through a dashboard warning light, giving you with more time to react. An early warning about a flat tire can make a big difference. With a TPMS alert, you have more time to react to the situation and get your car off the road before you cause damage to the wheel. 
  • Tire Life: When a tire isn't at the correct inflation level, the tread wears faster and the tire becomes more prone to punctures from road hazards.
  • Tire Performance: Underinflated tires make it easier to hydroplane, crash from a tire blowout, or skid on a curve. To ensure your tires perform as the manufacturer intended (and as you expected when purchasing them), you'll want to make sure you're driving with tires at the right inflation level.

If you need TPMS sensors programmed, contact Speedy Brother's Tire & Auto. We serve Staten Island, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Newark, NJ, and surrounding areas. Call (718) 273-0800 for more information or to schedule your service.

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